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This accounts for the discrepancies of why women seem to refuse sex more often.But, when men are seen as safe and skilled, and they have a polite and warm demeanor, they are also likely to get a yes.You don't need super secrets to have very good results.Many people don't realize that they are already more than suitable to ask for and receive a date (so they don't ask).So yes, someone with exceptional success, outstanding beauty, tons of wealth, and superb humor will certainly get better results than the "average" person. The point was that the "average" person still does pretty well.The point was also to bring those who "thought" they might be below average up to speed, and let them know success was not out of their reach.

Perhaps it is their relationship status, your first impression, the location, or a bit of each. Researchers Hald and Høgh-Olesen (2010) performed a number of sub-analyses in their research.In addition, attractiveness became increasingly important to women (but not men) as the intimacy of the request grew larger.The original research by Clark and Hatfield (1989) and work by Voracek, Hofhansl, and Fisher (2005), also point to two additional variables.It does not take model good looks, outstanding success, or a super line to get a date.The main ingredients are to be polite, assertive, presentable, find someone single, and just ask.

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