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"Kimberly Gremillion reveals a heretofore unseen circus.The strange world she creates is one where positive and negative space seem reversed, where a horse is its mane, a woman her muscles, a tiger its stripes." - Aperture Magazine "Kimberly Gremillion appreciates the spectral and the spectacle._______________________________________________________________________________ Gallery Sink is pleased to announce an exhibition of paintings and watercolors by Ann White.The work represents a sampling of fifty years of a quiet yet prolific Colorado painter.At pm on Saturday, December 14th, 2002, Gallery Sink will be pleased to present Auction of Stars, including live and silent auctions of rare artworks by internationally renowned artists such as Andy Warhol, Alice Neel, Imogen Cunningham, Chris Makos, Jean Michel Basquiat, Hugh O'Donnell, Red Grooms, Jock Sturges, Wes Kennedy, and many more.Doris Mitsch NYC Amanda Means NYC Adriene Veninger Toronto Canada Cece Wheeler Norfolk VA Thomas Brummett Philadelphia PA Elijah Cobb Cody WYO Bernice Halpern Cutler NYC Carol Henry Malibu CA Alice Major Freehold NJ Brigitte Carnochan CAKathleen Dresler Denver CO Teri ONeill Denver CO Linda Piedra Santa Fe NM Richard Drury Norwich England James Soe Nyun San Diego CA Robert Mapplethorpe NYC Karl Blossfeldt Germany Marie Cosindas Boston MA Dominic Rouse Norwich England Tamaki Obuchi Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Japan Kelly Hockman Denver CO Susan Evans Daytona FL Frazier King Houston TX Jo Leggett San Francisco CA Steven Meyers Seattle OR Eric Paddock Denver CO Tom Baril NYC Walter Chapell El Rito NM Bryan Boettiger Denver CO Imogen Cunningham Portland ORGallery Sink is pleased to present the recent work of Dan Asher's Icebergs and Drawings. Blown up to a large scale 40x60" and are hung as if floating around you in the gallery.

Work from the 1970s and 80s becomes more traditional in both still life and landscape but still employs her trademark strong shapes and characteristic color, never totally leaving her earliest abstract period.Gallery Sink is also a photography studio to serve clients with artwork documentation services, portraits, as well as product and fashion photography. "When I lie, I am closer to the truth than documentary photography." “ We look to photography to provide us with not just the evidence of what we know, but what we are missing, what we have dreamed of but have forgotten, what we thought we saw out of the corner of our eyes” Words are saved in the brain by photography and photography is a basic term and teaching tool of reading.Flash cards are used in the elementary beginnings of visualizing and vocabulary.Light and shadow, etched on paper, dance in a special dimension." - W. Hunt Gallery Sink Sink represents and exhibits local and international cutting-edge Fine Art Photography and occasional Fine Art.Gallery Sink hosts photography workshops with the Denver Darkroom and Working with Artists.

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