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You are welcomed by a clean feature lineup where most of the operations can be carried out with minimal effort.

You can input a valid URL in the dedicated panel, and go to the previous or next page, as well as stop or refresh the current webpage.

Video Chat Recorder gives you the possibility to start, stop, pause, or resume the recording process, enable the microphone, select the audio capturing device and input volume (you may also adjust the balance), and choose the video and audio compressor from a drop-down list.

What’s more, you are allowed to save the videos to AVI, MPEG, or other file formats, record both the audio and video streams, show or hide the cursor during the screen capturing process, hide the log panels, as well as select the saving directory and open it directly from the primary panel with just one click.

We have supported the standards of modern streaming industry which give you an ability to organize broadcasts even for up to 1 000 000 users with popular services and solutions for content distribution.

How to Create a Multipoint Video Conference in True Conf for Windows?

Other users can participate as listeners and give feedback using chat or by leaving audio replies. Conferences can be scheduled by the administrator of True Conf Server. The scheduling option is also available for True Conf Online users in the plans Event and Corporate (unlimited number). Role-based Video Conference with True Conf for Windows How to Organize a Role-Based Conference on True Conf for mac OSVirtual Meeting in True Conf Mobile Applications What Modes Does Group Video Conferencing Have?

Making international calls no longer needs to be seen as an expensive action, with numerous apps available across multi-platforms including i Phone, Android and Windows phones.

Multipoint Video Conferences is a video conferencing mode involving more than two users who can hear and see each other.Rebtel has apps for making international calls from nearly any type of device, including i Phone and Android.International calling is inexpensive and easy with Rebtel’s low rates and “local numbers” functionality which means that you pay a local rate to call an international number.How to Manage Video Window Layout in True Conf for Windows?Symmetric Group Conference with True Conf for mac OSGroup Video Conferencing on i Phone, i Pad and Android What are the System Requirements for a Symmetric Video Conference?

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