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I notice in this article under the leaner cat section it states to look for a higher fat content but then states look for "Lower" or less than, which seems to be contradictory. It should state fat content above such n such amount.

Otherwise, there is no baseline to choose from under 16%, any percentage would be ok.

On the other hand, weight loss is also something that occurs with aging.

If your cat is looking sleeker, take note as it could also be the result of a serious underlying health issue, including kidney disease, cancer, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, liver disease, hyperthyroidism, or some other problem.

Antioxidants like vitamin E and beta carotene have been shown to make the feline immune system's responses better, and there is ample evidence that certain probiotics can improve immune response to common feline viral infections.As a cat gets older, their digestive tract does not work quite as well as it did when they were younger, which can make it harder for them to get nutrients from their diet.Help them out by boosting the protein content in their diet.Commercially available food has been formulated for cats at various life stages, such as “senior” and “geriatric,” and for cats with specific conditions, including those with heart disease, kidney disease, obesity, digestion issues, food allergies, and more.Ask your vet if one of these specially formulated diets is right for your cat.

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