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Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, Walter Cruttendon, John Anthony West and rare footage of Dr."Hakim" Zahi Hawass, indigenous wisdom keeper, make this 5-part two disc DVD set a "must see".She mentions the brilliant work of Michael Tsarion.Lots of terrific "aha" moments about the consciousness of water, the brain which is in the heart, and the need to love ourselves, forgive and face our own inner (and outer) demons.Food shortages and superinflation coming, and he mentioned the "space wars" which he's witnessed personally.I asked what he discovered that was "off the records", that he could share with us now. download mp3 My guest and friend, MAHALA GAYLE returns for another update on the state of the planet, ascension and inter-connected prophecies.He segues into the vast astrological shifts and alignmemts, adding intuitive and oracular wisdom from Nostradamus, regarding whom the Anti-Christ represents, and the four people who might fulfill the prophecy of MABUS.

Her views about the end date are discussed, and what may be around the corner - especially if we are not shifting with the tides.John comes out of the gate enchanting and mesmerising us all with his mystical journeys with OSHO (Rajneesh) in India as his personal bodyguard during the last 3 years of his life.In this rare and candid show, John goes into detail about spiritual life in Poona in OSHOS's ashram.In this show, Carmen delves more deeply into the underbelly of our global patriarchal, rule-from-the-top society and makes astute assessments of the present shift in energies.Her diagnosis is grim for those who continue to remain "asleep" to the multiple realities pressing in on every level.

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