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I use the same skills at United Health Group, the skills that help you build relationships and strong teams." Health care is changing for the better at a pace that no one could have imagined.

Technology and initiative have combined to make getting well and staying well an everyday reality for millions.

We want you to reach your highest level of potential just as you help us reach ours. We earn and give trust to one another through truthfulness, integrity, active engagement and collaboration with colleagues.

“I tell people this is a great job to have, because I get thrown into things that are totally unknown. And just like when I'm dancing, I'm not afraid to make mistakes.” Smart. Together, we celebrate what makes each person special as we work together to challenge the status quo.

We’re proud of being Fortune 6 and prouder still of being one of Fortune’s Most Admired Companies. But even more important, we are constantly finding and responding to new opportunities in the health care arena that result from greater information, greater technologies or new programs that enhance accessibility to health care resources.

I probably don’t have to tell you that large gatherings of people, festive parties, and times when everyone is supposed to be part of a happy family can be especially hard if you’re single […] Read more When you think about addiction, you probably conjure up an instant picture.Not even a year later, that thought has become a reality.At United Health Group, we share a common goal: to greatly improve the lives and health of others.Perhaps alcohol comes to mind, or you may picture something darker.The truth, however, is that there are many different types of addiction from which men and women suffer every day.

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