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Hailie is better known as none other than the daughter of rapper Eminem, and her name is quite familiar to anyone who’s listened to Eminem’s albums over the years.

She has grown up to make her dad very proud, getting great grades and even representing her senior class as the homecoming queen.

The only difference between the mother and daughter is the height as Liv easily towers over her mother’s own 5 ft. However, John has yet to show any interests in taking up acting and following in his father’s footsteps.

While John hasn’t showed any interest in show business, the world is still interested in what he’s up to.

November 2016, Rob Lowe celebrated his son’s 21st birthday with a weekend getaway in the Sin City.

John’s birthday was complete with booze, sparklers and cake and Rob Lowe honored his son by posting a photo of them standing side by side on similar outfits.

Connor is also a DJ who books parties and club gigs all over the US. She obviously takes a lot after her mother, who is a phenomenal actress.

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Since the pregnancy of famous stars the public’s interest begins to build up.

One way in which she differs from her famous mother is in the height department, however. Liv Moore is the daughter of Julianne Moore, a phenomenal actress. John bears more than a passing resemblance to his dad, actor Rob Lowe.

Both Liv and Julianne Moore shares red hair as well as some facial features. John and his famous dad enjoy doing all kinds of things together, including keeping fit.

Joseph is a bit controversial as a celeb son, as he was kept secret for years even though he was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son.

Arnold fathered him during his affair with Mildred Baena, who was his housekeeper while he was married to Maria Shriver.

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